Would You Like a Free iPad 3?

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It is almost as simple as that to get your hands on a brand new iPad. Take a look below, then sign up and complete a free offer to get a free Apple iPad or you can try and win an iPad instead.

How to Get a Free iPad

free iPad tablet - how to get your Apple iPad tablet without spending a penny

Get an iPad tablet for free, how?

Your brand new tablet will be purchased for you by a reward website, these businesses earn the money to pay for your iPad by referring you to a different web site where you complete an offer by trying out their products.

You may only need to participate in a free trial, which even though it doesn't cost you anything, the company running the free trial understands that a certain ratio of people will continue to use their service after the trial is complete. This makes them able to pay the reward site quite a large amount of money when you complete the trial.

There are lots of different offers available to you, like joining a new bank and signing up for a new account or a free web-hosting trial where you build a simple website to complete the offer. Whichever offer you complete the reward site will receive more cash than it has cost you to complete in the offer. The offer you choose is entirely up to you. You then need to refer others to also do a free offer of their choice, you can ask members of your family if you want.

Once you have done this the reward site will send you your brand new flashie free iPad.

This is how it works:

  1. You do a free trial offer using a link on the reward site
  2. The company you did the trial for pays an affiliate payment to the reward site when you complete the offer
  3. You get the number of people required to sign up using your referral link
  4. The the reward site is paid money when these people successfully do a trial
  5. The reward site then purchases you your iPad tablet

This really is a situation where everybody benefits;

This really couldn't be any better, everyone wins! And the people you refer can go on to claim a free Apple iPad too.

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Do You Need More Convincing That You Can Get an iPad Tablet Free?

I understand you might have some reservations about this offer, I did too when I first discovered it. Even if you don't want a new iPad you can take part in this offer and select a different product instead, a custom order for anything you want or just take the cash equivilent. Other people have been receiving free Apple products for years just by doing free offers - take a look at what other people have received.

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Win an iPad 3

Win an iPad

The way of getting your hands on an iPad 3 discussed above is a sure fire way of receiving a brand new tablet computer, but you may be more interested in the chance of simply being able to win an iPad instead, for free.

Go to Win an iPad for the latest Worldwide iPad competitions. The following link has up-to-date competitions for the UK - Win an iPad.

               Win an iPad 2 - thinner, lighter, faster.